Wall Flower Vase

Wall Flower Vase


Wall Flower Vase.

Hang your flowers on the wall with this beautiful ceramic vase.
The Wonderful Wall Flower Vase is made from white ceramic with a shiny glazed finish.

Use it to display your freshly cut, dried or artificial flowers or you can even put your pencils in it.

The Wall Flower Vase has a flat back and hanging hole. It will hang from any flat surface with a screw or nail.

the vase measures 14.2cm high.
10.3cm wide at the top,
6.5cm at the bottom.
it comes out from the wall 4.5cm.

Wall Flower Vase Image 2 Wall Flower Vase Image 3 Wall Flower Vase Image 4 Wall Flower Vase Image 5
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